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Ancient & Modern Research Prize

The Secretary, Ancient & Modern, PO Box 13311, Hawick TD9 7YF

An international research prize sponsored by Cornucopia and Halı magazines, and by Bonhams, Christies and Sotheby’s.

Is your lifelong dream to retrace the steps of Peter Fleming in Kashgar? To explore Anatolian kilim fragments in an Ethiopian monastery? The Ancient & Modern Research Prize is awarded to candidates under age 27 or over age 60 to support research and exploration.

The Ancient & Modern Prize was established in 2000 to provide support for scholars who miss out on funding because they are either too young or too old. The winner of the Ancient & Modern Prize receives £1,000, and the runner-up receives the Godfrey Goodwin Prize of £500.

How to apply:

The project should relate to any of the subject areas covered by the sponsoring journals:
HALI www.hali.com and CORNUCOPIA www.cornucopia.net

The award can be used for travel, material expenses and sustenance whilst the research is underway. Priority will be given to projects which would not easily find funding and which display originality.

Applications should be short and outline the project in up to 500 words, accompanied by your age, anticipated results and contact information (Word doc or pdf preferred; maximum four pictures).
Further guidelines and criteria >>>
View previous winners and applicants here>>>

Please send any questions and applications by email to secretary@ancientandmodern.co.uk
By post to:
The Secretary, Ancient & Modern, PO Box 13311 Hawick, TD9 7YF, United Kingdom

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