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The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Open 8.00 am - 6.30 pm in summer (until the end of October). Closed Mondays.

Bodrum’s impressive castle was built by the crusading Knights of St John on the site of the orginal Greek settlement. Today it is mainly taken up with the internationally recognised Museum of Underwater Archaeology, a science that began in Bodrum under Professor George Bass of Texas A&M University who founded the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, now an international concern with a base overlooking town. Some of the timbers from the Byzantine ships discovered when the tunnel beneath the Bosphorus was being excavated in 2005 are being analysed there. Among a number of remarkable finds on view is the 24-metre Uluburun, a royal Egyptian ship from 1400BC, which sunk nearby with a cargo of copper ingots and more than 18,000 objects including jewellery and items of ivory and gold. There is also a hall devoted to a Carian princess whose grave was recently discovered, and her likeness has been created by the Department of Forensic Science at the University of Manchester Medical School.

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