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Aspendos lies 5km from the main road, 45km from Antalya. Belkı is the nearby village.

Untouched by the violence of man or nature, the Roman theatre at Aspendos is the finest on the Mediterranean shore and provides an inspiring setting for a summer opera and ballet festival. Built in the 2nd century AD, it was in continuous use through Byzantine and Seljuk periods and was restored under Atatürk. Its steep semicircle of seats, topped by an enclosed gallery, accommodates 1200, while the stage building rises like a warehouse wall above the patchwork fields of the Pamphylian plain. Once a port on the River Eurymedon (Köprüçay), Aspendos grew rich on trade, and though there are scant remains of the city that dates to Hittite times, the Roman aqueduct spanning the valley is still impressive.

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