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This is the start of the St Paul Trail, a 500km, 27-day way-marked footpath established by trailblazing Kate Clow in 2008. It was to this major Pamphilian city that Paul of Tarsus arrived to begin his first prosetilising journey. What he found was an attractive and prosperous port city on the Kestros river in the Antalya plain, now 20km from the sea. It is approached along a beautiful colonnaded street and entered through twin Hellenistic towers, which partially remain. Its subsequent bishopric lasted until the city succumbed to piratical sea venturers around the 7th century. The best view of the site is from the acropolis. Two centuries before Paul’s arrival, the mathematician Apollonius of Perga had given the world the words “ellipse” and “parabola”. Perge is 18km west of Antalya

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