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Wawel Royal Castle

31-001 Kraków, Wawel 5, Poland

The Wawel Royal Castle is a national cultural institution designed to act as a museum. It houses a substantial collection of archaeological objects, photographs, European ceramics, paintings by renowned Polish artists, graphic art concerned with the Castle, furniture, military objects, sculptures, glass, textiles, clocks and goldsmithery.

One of the most important fortresses in Central Europe, but turned in the glory days of royal Poland into a magnificent palace with the air of Urbino. Many fine collections to explore, including superb Ottoman textiles brought back from the 1683 siege of Vienna and donated to the Wawel by noble families across the country to mark anniversaries of the siege.

Curiously the newly restored courtyard at the centre of the palace is paved with stone from Turkey.

Walk round behind the alter in the castle cathedral to find Jan III Sobieski at work.

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