A Handbook for Living in Turkey

By Pat Yale and Trici Venola
Published by Çitlembik
Out of Print
Book Description

This book is exactly what the title says - a detailed handbook on life in Turkey for those who are considering living there, rather than just visiting for a holiday. Based on the premise that it has recently become easier to buy property in Turkey and that the country is becoming more user-friendly to foreigners, the book begins by examining the options for renting and buying property before going on to discuss self-building and interior decoration. Chapters dealing with bringing up children in Turkey, the health system and work culture are complemented by sections on social etiquette, getting involved in community activities and having fun, right down to a glossary for deciphering Turkish recipes. The book makes a good effort to cover the whole country and not just the main cities. A yellow-pages section follows up with comprehensive contact details for the organisations discussed.

Pat Yale has lived in Turkey since 1974, has been a guest editor of Time Out in Istanbul and writes on architecture. She lives in Cappadocia.

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