Alaçatı: An Enchanting Getaway in Aegean Turkey

An Insider’s Travel Guide

Spiced with the author's ceramic drawings

Published by Serap Yurdaer Erboy

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With an average of three hundred and thirty days windy days a year, the meteorologically minded might call Alaçatı Turkey’s answer to Chicago.

However, comparisons to Saint-Tropez are generally more forthcoming, and the wind-surfing, long sandy beaches and party-vibe that comes with being the summer home of famous Istanbul night-spot Babylon help them stand up much better to scrutiny.

Yet this being the Aegean coast of Turkey there is still plenty to commend the town to those after a calmer atmosphere.

Acting as their friendly local guide, this handy little book will charm to any suitcase being taken to Çeşme peninsular, but it is probably best kept in your handbag or back pocket as you make your way and do your exploring.

The author, Serap Yurdaer Erboy, has a ceramics shop in Alaçatı and pictures of her own painted pottery liven up the book’s simple but informative pages.

It pretty well covers everything you need to know: a bit of history, where to eat and drink, what to see and do, and how best to walk around it in an hour.

Its all done with a jolly tone that makes not only the cafés, markets, old stone houses, sights and clear sea water seem incredibly inviting, but also Erboy’s little shop, which probably does a fine line in local knowledge and cups of tea, along with its chic contemporary porcelains.

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£12.98 / $15.77 / 88.07 TL

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