Ankara: City of the Black Calpac, 1923-1938

Edited by Ekrem Işın

Published by Suna ve Inan Kıraç Vakfı Istanbul Research Institute, 2009

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Book Description

On the 86th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, Ankara: City of the Black Calpac, 1923-1938 was unveiled – the exhibition told the story of Ankara, the capital that became the image of the Republic with the “Parliament” at its centre and focused on Ankara’s architecture, its social life and its modernised look that were shaped by and around Atatürk. Through photographs, documents and objects, the exhibition showcased Ankara, a city founded on the clashing symbols of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic, and its architectural elements ranging from the Ottoman residential fabric to the modern urban sprawl of the Early Republic; it recreated the exhilaration that accompanied the founding of the Republic and the daily life that was shaped around Atatürk himself. Ankara: the City of the Black Calpac, 1923-1938 narrates the story of the founding days of the Republic and the construction of Ankara, the new capital, as an exemplary city.

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£30.00 / $37.41 / 212.40 TL

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