Before and After Pîrî Reis

Maps at the Topkapı Palace

Essays by Prof Dr Idris Bostan, Doç Dr Fikret Sarıcıoğlu, Prof Dr Mahmut Ak, Prof Dr Günsel Renda

Published by Topkapı Palace Museum Directorate / BKG

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Paperback with dust jacket, 235p pages, 2013
Book Description

A beautifully produced catalogue of the superb exhibition at the Topkapı Palace, with good illustrations of the 64 items in the show, highly informative essays, and bibliography. The exhibition marks the 500th anniversary of the ‘map of the world’ of Pîrî Reis of 1513 discovered by Halil Edhem (Eldem) in the early 20th century in the Revan Kiosk Collection in the Topkapı Palace. At the time the palace was turned into a museum and its disparate library collections were merged – the map had been given the same inventory number as the Kitâb-ı Bahriye (Book of Navigation).

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£38.00 / $48.99 / 290.72 TL

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