Drawing on Istanbul 2

Trici Venola, with Turkish translation by Meltem Sancar

Published by Mira/Çitlembik

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English and Turkish
Book Description

Beautifully detailed pen and ink drawings with the artist’s comments about each drawing in both English and Turkish.

Los Angeles native Trici Venola comes from a background of digital fine art and award-winning commercial illustration, applying classical techniques with digital tools.

Her love-affair with Turkey has been a constant source of inspiration since her initial visit in 1999. Turkey as a muse has not only resulted in the ongoing visual documentation, in hundreds of drawings, of her life experience in the country, but also in her development as a writer. Her written work debuted simultaneously in the best-selling ‘Tales from the Expat Harem’ and in ‘Best Travel Writing of 2006’. Ms. Venola has lived in Istanbul since 2004, where among other commercial projects she has illustrated several children’s books for Mira Publishing.

“Whatever you see here is just as I saw it. How were they done? Slowly, in pen and ink. To preserve the sketchbook experience the drawings here are the same size as they appear on the original pages. Guidelines and comments are left in for your amusement. We want to bring you here. If you’ve already been, we want to bring you back.” Trici Venola

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£13.50 / $16.40 / 91.50 TL

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