Embracing the Mountains

By Süleyman Sağlam
Published by Çitlembik

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Book Description

To the authorities, he’s an outlaw, to the people, a hero… But now Osman’s life is on the line… Or is it?

With Turkey in the midst of the Second World War, the city of Kayseri finds itself being depleted of men and resources. While the country contemplates its future in the face of the Germans massed at its borders, the people struggle to survive the hunger and the fear into which they have been plunged. Meanwhile, the legendary outlaw Osman continues to roam the mountains of Kayseri, sheltered by the people who revere him. However, the people’s reverence is not shared by all, and so when men in high places decide that they want Osman out of the mountains, the scheming runs rampant. Osman is offered amnesty only if he will come down from the mountains. Skeptical of the authorities, Osman hesitates to accept the offer, perhaps losing precious time in the process, for when the hefty reward for his head blurs the line between friend and foe, Osman finds that he has finally met his match… This fictionalized account of a true story opens a window onto Anatolia, its traditions, its people, and its landscape.

Suleyman Saglam, author of several books set in Kayseri, mesmerizes us with this exciting tale of a shadowy mountain figure and the government’s efforts to capture him.

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£10.00 / $12.89 / 76.51 TL

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