Europe in Women’s Short Stories from Turkey

Edited by Gültekin Emre

Published by Milet Publishing

£11.99 / $14.99 / 84.77 TL
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Book Description

A treasure trove of short fiction set in the great cities of Europe, this collection recounts the tales of heroines from Turkey. From the lustful tourist escaping the realities of her own world; to the abandoned wife writing to the consulate in complaint of her husband; the young au pair wandering the streets of London; and the migrant worker in Berlin, toiling all day long at a factory; this book offers its readers an opportunity to discover the different ways in which Turkish women have experienced Europe, out of choice, fate or destiny.

Gültekin Emre was born in Konya in 1951. He graduated from the Russian Language and Literature Department at Ankara University. He has published numerous poetry collections, non-fiction titles, including a study of the Turks in Berlin, and a memoir, as well as serving as editor of several Turkish publications and at the Turkish National Library. He has been teaching in Berlin since 1980.

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£11.99 / $14.99 / 84.77 TL

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