Orientalist Lives

Western Artists in the Middle East, 1830-1920

James Parry

Published by The American University in Cairo Press

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Hardback, 240 pages, first published June 2018
Book Description

The 19th century saw scores of Western artists heading to the Middle East, inspired by the allure of the exotic Orient and in search of subjects for their paintings. Based on his research in museums, libraries, archives, galleries, and private collections across the world, freelance writer James Parry traces these journeys of cultural and artistic discovery. Excerpts from letters and diaries, including little-known accounts and previously unpublished material, as well as photographs, sketches, and other original illustrations, bring alive the impressions, experiences, and careers of the Orientalists and shed light on how they created what are now once again recognised as masterpieces of art.

Orientalist Lives won the Art History & Criticism category in the 2019 Association of American Publishers PROSE Awards.

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£45.00 / $55.14 / 318.06 TL

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