Suite Vollard Engravings

Begüm Akkoyunlu Ersöz, editor

Published by Pera Museum

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Paperback, 155 pages, published 2010
Book Description

Picasso - Suite Vollard, Engravings exhibition and catalogue presented renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s most important engraving series from the first half of the 20th century. The engravings were a result of the collaboration between Picasso and his close friend, an ardent admirer of his work, an extraordinary editor and also a famous art dealer of the period, Ambroise Vollard. Picasso’s loves, the model and the sculptor, nudity, portraiture and different mythological themes appear in these engravings where not only the topics but also the style and the technique provide insight into the artist’s creative universe of the time, the 1930s; when he was at the height of his artistic production.

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£15.00 / $19.03 / 110.29 TL

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