Travels to and from Constantinople in 1827 and 1828

Personal Narrative of a journey from Vienna, through Hungary, Transylvania, Wallachia, Bulgaria, and Roumelia, to Constantinople; and from that city to the capital of Austria, by the Dardanelles, Tenedos, the plains of Troy, Smyrna, Napoli di Romania, Athens, Cyprus, Syria, Alexandria, &c. (2 vols)

Capt. Charles Colville Frankland, Royal Navy

Published by Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley
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Büyükdere 1827


Here, upon a long esplanade, are seated the country-houses of many European ambassadors, consuls, dragomans, and the noblesse of Pera; and here is a lively, little agreeable town. The Russian minister and the Austria internuncio have delightful houses and gardens, but more particularly the Russian. I had received a very kind invitation from M de Robeaupierre, to come and pass a few days with him at his place; but I felt myself more in the centre of what was worth seeing at Pera, and with regret declined…

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