Kalan 2013, Double CD

Various artists
Published by Kalan
£6.50 / $7.97 / 45.94 TL ($/TL approx)

Song and traditional music from the Black Sea mountains

Kalan Music has released one of its most impressive albums in a decade. Many artists have contributed to the album in remembrance of the popular musician Kazım Koyuncu (aka. Sound of Black Sea or Dina Kaki), who died very young.

The album is in two parts; the first part comprises new songs specially recorded for this project and the second part is a compilation of songs from the Black Sea region. Karadeniz’e Kalan, is Kalan’s first project on Black Sea Music and includes bands such as Kardeş Türküler and Grup Yorum; folk music masters Cengiz Özkan and İsmail Hakkı Demircioğlu; and also young stars like Şevval Sam and Selçuk Balcı. The double CD includes a booklet with images by photographers born in the region.

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