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Karaköy/Lower Galata

Istanbul's most up-and-coming district was once a hive of metal workers and light shops, docks and brothels, schools and churches, banks and tax offices. Today, don't be surprised to find a nightclub in a street of utility shops. Between the two bridges (now joined by a third metro bridge) is Perşembe Pazarı, the wonderful hardware district. Above it is old Bankalar Caddesi, full of light shops, and home to [SALT Galata](, the majestic former Ottoman Bank. Along the shore of the Bosphorus is the new arts zone, including the grandest private art galleries and [Istanbul Modern]( itself, next to the *antrepos*, former warehouses that now host the contemporary art *biennial*.

  • 1Tophane

    The cool end of the docks: the northern end of Lower Galata morphed from a place of grime and crime into a place for high art, hedonists, laid-back café life, still laced with old-fashioned grit. Long may it survive.
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