Hajj, The Holy Journey

The Hajj Route Through Postcards

Murat Kargılı

Published by Denizler Kitabevi

£42.00 / $54.76 / 314.53 TL
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Hardback, 303 pages, published 2014
Book Description

Persevering against wars, disasters, and epidemics for more than 13 centuries, the Hajj is the only ritual that has continued without interruption in the history of humanity. There have been absolutely no changes in its religious character, yet the scope of the changes made to its physical structure in the last century is much greater than the total of the changes implemented throughout the 13 centuries in question. By using postcards, this book aims to help visualize what the Hajj was like before all these changes. This book will allow you to witness the past of the sublime and multifaceted act of worship through the medium of the postcards.

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£42.00 / $54.76 / 314.53 TL

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