Timeless Trucks, Endless Roads

Volume 1, The Balkans & Turkey

Photographs by Paul Veysseyre
Published by Djahannama Publishing

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Paperback, 176 pages, first published 2018
Book Description

Since his young years, the author has been roving around the Near East, a region for which he has developed a true passion, capturing its inhabitants and architectures along the way.

During his travels—totaling more than one million kilometres, with his own 4WD CAR—he has also come across many rare, curious and often antique vehicles along tracks as well as motorways. A driver amongst drivers, he shares a certain kinship with all those whose occupation is linked to the road and its vehicles: truck drivers, mechanics of all kinds, rest stop owners or simply travelling salesmen.

The photographer is particularly drawn by the powerful aesthetic of bonnets, bumpers, radiator grills or schnorkels of big American, Russian, or German trucks. The nostalgic charms of old lorries, battered by a long and arduous life of use, but lovingly maintained and decorated by their drivers triggers within him a sense of profound affection; even when reduced to wrecks, they still emanate a timeless beauty which seems to have escaped the ravages of the years.

In this first volume devoted to vehicles encountered in the Balkans and Turkey, the reader will discover all kinds of little known wheeled contraptions in their original state. A second volume (due in 2018) will be devoted to vehicles found in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Mesopotamia and Iran.

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£19.95 / $26.11 / 139.03 TL

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