Itrî & Bach

Ertan Tekin, Murat Aydemir, Çağ Ercağ

Ertan Tekin, Murat Aydemir, Çağ Ercağ
Published by Kalan
£9.99 / $13.26 / 62.17 TL ($/TL approx)

The brainchild of Hasan Saltık, founder of Istanbul’s remarkable Kalan record company, this is compilation of very lovely arrangements that gently examine the subtle relationship in the music of two great 18th-century composers, one a master of Turkish classical music, the other of Western classical music. An absolute must for anyone interested in cross-cultural relations, or simply music of great delicacy.

The performers are the cellist Çağ Erçağ, Ertan Tekin, who plays the haunting duduk wind instrument, and Murat Aydemir, a master player of the tanbur and lavta. The cd ends with a recording of Bach’s minuet in G Minor performed by the visiting Yerevan-born Armenian cellist Manuk Harutyunyan.

14 tracks, 42 minutes.

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