Diplomatic Notebooks I

The View from Ankara, 1958–1960

Zeki Kuneralp

Published by The Isis Press

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Paperback, 342 pages, published 2018
Book Description

In spring 1957, Zeki Kuneralp, a member of the Turkish diplomatic service, was appointed assistant secretary general for political affairs. These hand-written notebooks, which cover the latter part of his career, are being published in a series, starting with the present volume, which covers the years he served as assistant secretary general.

In a note found in his papers after his death in 1998, Kuneralp wrote that he was inspired to keep a record of all his conversations in a notebook by Georges Bonnet, the pre-war French foreign minister. Kuneralp took notes for the first year just in Turkish, but for the rest of years he recorded the conversations in the language that was used in the meetings (including French, English, German, Turkish and Spanish).

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£30.00 / $36.46 / 203.56 TL

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