Istanbul Cult Recipes

By Pomme Larmoyer

Published by Murdoch Books

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Hardcover, 272pp, with colour photographs, illustrations and maps
Book Description

This elegant book is a guide to the author’s favourite eating spots in Istanbul, with a lexicon of classic food, including full recipes, going through the day from breakfast to lunch and dinner, via snacks and tea. Chapters include the Meyhanetable (meze and fish), Lokanta, köfteci and kebabci (soups, meats and rice), family recipes, street food, and sweet things. Each chapter is mapped locating the places, and there are profiles of proprietors and chefs.

The photographs are by Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle, illustrations by Zeina Abirached. The author Pomme Larmoyer is a food writer, editor and traveller.

Every issue of Cornucopia has a themed cookery feature by Berrin Torolsan, with traditional recipes

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£20.00 / $24.51 / 141.36 TL

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