Stories from the Sandgate

Jaklin Çelik

Published by Çitlembik

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Paperback, 121 pages, published 2005
Book Description

This book of short stories brings to life the panorama that is Istanbul’s historic Armenian neighborhood, Kumkapı, its Sandgate. We are enticed by these glimpses into the lives of Armenians, Kurds, and Turks who are pushed and pulled by the energy of this cosmopolitan neighborhood. You will be drawn in by the young woman passing out cigarettes at the women’s ward or the transvestite prostitute Necla infuriating her neighbor; the middle-aged Onnik going on a long-awaited date or Armenian fisherman Mıgırdiç arguing with his senile wife.

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£3.00 / $3.75 / 21.43 TL

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