The Lycian Shore

A Turkish Odyssey

By Freya Stark
Published by IB Tauris

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‘There are not so many places left where magic reigns without interruption and of all those I know, the coast of Lycia was the most magical.’
Freya Stark
Book Description

Lycia, on the southwestern coast of Turkey, is an ancient land steeped in mystery, myth and legend. Home to the fiery chimera and to the great heroes Sarpedon and Penderus; heartland of worship for the goddess Leto and her children Apollo and Artemis; old ally of Troy, lure to conquering Cyrus and Alexander and to centuries of travellers, artists and writers - Lycia, part of the ‘Turquoise Coast’ now attracts more tourists to her glimmering shores than any other part of Turkey.

In the early 1950s, following the trail of ancient Persian and Greek traders, Freya Stark set out by boat to explore the Lycian coast. She was guided by the traces of Lycia’s rich history and cultural heritage. For all those who now follow in her wake, there can be no better, more evocative or knowledgeable guide to this, Turkey’s most enchanting coast.

Reviews for The Lycian Shore

‘My own favourite from the trilogy is The Lycian Shore of 1956, which includes a magical description of a journey on a small gulet from Izmir to Antalya, visiting many ancient sites en route.’ Rupert Scott, Cornucopia 44

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£9.99 / $12.47 / 71.35 TL

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