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Kevin Gould

Kevin Gould is a former chef, caterer, grocer and restaurateur - today he is a food and wine writer for a number of publications including the Guardian.


  • Turkey’s Wine Renaissance

    Kevin Gould’s Wine Report

    From Issue 56

    After a road trip like no other, taking in many of the best of Turkey’s burgeoning wineries, Kevin Gould and the Cornucopia tasting panel raise a glass (or several) and recommend the best of an impressive bunch

  • The Best of a Classy Bunch

    From Issue 50

    In a decade of monitoring Turkey’s burgeoning wine industry, Kevin Gould has never been more impressed. He and the Cornucopia tasting team enthusiastically sampled this year’s top bottles and nominated their favourites

  • The Wines They Are A-Changing

    From Issue 47

    Over the past decade Turkey’s wine industry has come of age. It is now more than ready to join the grown-ups of the wine-producing world. Kevin Gould and the Cornucopia team pick the best of a sparkling bunch. Photographs by Berrin Torolsan.

  • Turkey’s Happy Hour

    From Issue 45

    At London’s inaugural Wines of Turkey jamboree, Kevin Gould hears how the country’s winemakers are cultivating a taste for their distinctive products

  • Joy in a Bottle

    From Issue 41

    The Corvus vineyards, once among the Mediterranean’s most celebrated, have suffered centuries of neglect. Kevin Gould raises a glass to their renaissance with the founder of Corvus, Resit Soley.

  • On Your Marques

    From Issue 33

    Twelve wines were tasted: they ranged from Kavaklidere’s narince from Tokat 1999 (“long as a summer’s day, pretty as your sweetheart”) to Cankara’s Alaz 2003 (“plumber’s mastic”). Pick of the bunch was Doluca’s Karma (cabernet sauvignon and okuzgozu grapes) - ‘twin themes of tight, thin tannins and fat, luscious fruit make Karma an elegant, thoughtful, meditative wine, a bottle of which makes you feel pretty damn holy’.

  • Vintage Cappadocia

    From Issue 31

    Is this fantastic landscape about to become the new hotspot for wine-lovers? In Cornucopia 31 Kevin Gould heads for the oldest vineyards on earth to find out. Photographs by Frits Meyst

  • Grape Expectations

    From Issue 27

    Turkey’s new wines call for celebration. Kevin Gould meets a happy wineseller

  • Vintners of Tokat

    From Issue 11

    The bunch of Narince grapes Ali Riza Diren is holding in his Anatolian vineyard (illustrated in this vintage issue of Cornucopia) is the raw material of a well kept secret. Tokat’s is an ancient wine, and its production was revived by Ali Riza’s father, to the delight of ambassadors and the approval of a Sotheby’s connoisseur.

  • Spirit of the Vine

    From Issue 25

    Georgia’s 9,000-year love affair with the grape has produced many a spectacular wine. Here Kevin Gould continues his series on the wines of Turkey and the former dominions of the Ottoman Empire with a visit to the country that boasts 500 grape varieties. By Kevin Gould with photographs by Jason Lowe

  • Raise a Glass to Gallipoli

    From Issue 24

    In the first of a series on the great wines of Turkey and its ancient dominions, Kevin Gould visits Gallipoli. A land of heroes from Homeric times to the First World War, the peninsula has also for 3,000 years prided itself on its wines.

  • The Grape Survivors

    From Issue 35

    Kevin Gould waxes lyrical over Château Musar, a legendary wine from the old Ottoman Levant.

  • Massaged Shoulder of Lamb

    Online article
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