Roger Norman

Roger Norman (born 1948) has spent equal amounts of time living in Greece and Turkey. He was a wheelbarrow farmer on Euboia for years. In 1995, he walked from Istanbul to Athens for a Turkish–Greek charity, writing for the Turkish Daily News as he went. He now lives in Eskişehir and lectures at Anadolu University.

He is the author of four novels: Albion’s Dream (Faber, 1990), Treetime (Faber, 1997), Red Die (Sundial, 2008) and Shadowland (Sundial, 2012)


  • Letter from Anatolia: Issue 55

    Domestic Goddess

    From Issue 55

    A tale of two exceptional cooks: one Greek, one Turkish, worlds apart in their ways with food – but with more in common than you’d think.

  • Letter from Anatolia: Issue 56

    Online article

    ‘I don’t write for others, I don’t even write for myself, I just write,’ said Yașar Kemal, arguably Turkey’s greatest novelist. Roger Norman recommends his powerful novel The Undying Grass, which tells of the Yalak villagers who walk down from the Taurus Mountains each year to harvest cotton on the baking, inhospitable plains of Çukurova.

  • Out of the blue

    Online article
  • The great gardener of culture

    Letter from Anatolia

    From Issue 52

    The late Yaşar Kemal’s remarkable blend of originality, wisdom and humanity earned him universal respect. Roger Norman celebrates a remarkable storyteller with unique powers to move and inspire, especially when lamenting the modern world’s wanton destruction of ancient traditions and values

  • The people’s poet

    Letter from Anatolia

    From Issue 53

    The popular appeal of Yunus Emre, 13th-century poet, storyteller and Sufi mystic, still extends from Azerbaijan to the Balkans, while in Turkey his portrait graces the 200-lira note. Roger Norman looks at the life of a man from a humble Anatolian village whose wit, wisdom and humanity live on

  • Figures in a landscape

    From Issue 53
  • Much to wonder at

    From Issue 51

    Roger Norman reviews ‘The Broken Road’ by Patrick Leigh Fermor and ‘Walking the Woods and the Water’ by Nick Hunt

  • Farewell to the Guerrilla Grandee

    From Issue 47

    Roger Norman salutes the incomparable style and spirit of the writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, whose masterpiece was 40 years in the making

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