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Imperial Apogee: Constantinople and Abdulhamid II, 1876–1909

Lecture by Philip Mansel

November 10, 2018
Day conference:
Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm

Art Workers' Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT

Courts and Capitals 1815–1914
Conference presented by the Society for Court Studies and the Victorian Society

The century before the Great War, far from being a period of decline for monarchies, witnessed a resurgence of court life around the world. In the decades following the defeat of Napoleon, new monarchies appeared, while long-established dynasties sought to consolidate their power. In Europe and beyond, monarchies reshaped the cities in which power was concentrated: new, larger palaces were constructed; royal avenues, squares and parks were created; public ceremonies reached levels of elaboration and participation previously unknown.

Other conference speakers include:

Georg Eckert (Wuppertal) From Riches to Rags: the Decline and Fall of Royal Stuttgart
David Gelber (Society for Court Studies) Rio Grande: the Making of an Imperial Capital for Brazil, 1822-1889
Andrea Merlotti (Centro Studi Venaria Reale, Turin) Ancient Capitals for a New Monarchy. The Itinerary of the Italian Court, 1861-1920: Turin, Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice
A N Wilson (independent) Prince Albert’s London

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