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Aya Panagia Church, Yeniköy

Köybaşı Caddesi, Yeniköy, Istanbul

By taxi to the iskele (boat station) in Yeniköy. The church is the easiest to find of all the Orthodox churches in Yeniköy, opposite Timothy’s and the popular Emek Café. Regular buses and minibuses pass through Yeniköy.

One of the five churches in Yeniköy, a cobbled path leads to its pretty wooden bell tower and the grandiose graves of Karatheodori Pasha (1833–1906), Abdülhamid’s foreign minister and Prince of Samos, and of his father, Mahmud II’s physician, who halted the plague in 1836 by enforcing quarantine.

Also in the church’s gardens is a bust of the poet Constantine Cavafy (1863–1933), inscribed with his words in (Turkish and Greek): “If you find yourself smilng, Stranger, know that you’re in Yeniköy.”

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