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Cihannuma Panagia Church

Çırağan Caddesi No 31, Beşiktaş, Istanbul

Open daily from midday for a few hours

The Greek Orthodox Cihannuma Panagia Church was built in 1830 by workers from the Beşiktaş boatyards.

The courtyard is covered with decorative pebble mosaic and the narthex entrance has recently been refurbished. The interior is dwarfed by sizeable chandeliers. In the frames on the upper part of the iconostasis are scenes from Jesus’ life. On the lower part are depictions of Panagia Genethlion, the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus, Jesus and Ioannes Prodromos. The front surface of the arches facing the narthex is covered with the Apostles’ portraits. The apses half-dome is decorated with a beautiful Platitera Mary depiction. The front façade of the gallery is covered with striking scenes from the Bible.

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