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Yörük Köyü

The Sipahioğlu Konak is open to the public as a museum. A small 'parking fee' is also payable to the foundation responsible for conservation on entering the village.

A few miles east of Safranbolu, on the road to Araç and Kastamonu, this is surely one of the most attractive, unspoilt villages in Turkey, although ‘village’ is a slight misnoma, as it is full of particularly handsome konaks, one of which is the subject of a 20-page article in Cornucopia 47. You can base yourself in Safranbolu or (in summer) in Yörük Köyü itself, though sadly there are no immediate plans to reopen the hotel due to lack of visitors (call Nurten Özdemir on +90 530 419 6719 for information or advice on pansyons).

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