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Friends of the American Research Institute Turkey (FARIT)

Kallavi Sokak, Ece Han No. 30, 6th Floor, Beyoğlu

The American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to promoting North American and Turkish research and exchanges related to Turkey in all fields of the humanities and social sciences. ARIT provides support for these scholarly endeavors by maintaining research centers in Istanbul and Ankara, and by administering programs of fellowships to support research in Turkey at doctoral and advanced research levels. It also holds regular events and tours of both Istanbul and around Turkey. Check Cornucopia’s EVENTS DIARY for the latest news.

Cornucopia has published two books (see MORE READING below) of pictures by John Henry Haynes, who has been described as “The first American archaeology photographer”, with text by Robert G Ousterhout, Professor of Byzantine Art and Architecture at Pennsylvania University. John Henry Haynes covers the Wolfe Expedition, America’s first archaeological sortie into the Ottoman Empire, from 1881–1890. Palmyra 1885 includes pictures of the desert site in modern Syria that have never been published before, showing the city before its 21st-century destruction.

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