123 Places in Turkey

A Private Grand Tour

By Francis Russell
Published by Bitter Lemon Press

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320 pages, published August 2017
Book Description

A selective and authoritative guide to the art and architecture of one of the culturally most interesting and most visited countries in the world.

Rich in culture and history, Turkey is an infinitely rewarding proposition for the discriminating traveller. Francis Russell has been visiting Turkey for more than thirty years, and with 123 recommended destinations he provides a fascinating and wonderfully well informed itinerary.

As well as covering the finest sites in the obvious tourist centres such as Istanbul, and all the major Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine sites, he provides extensive and thoughtful coverage of Armenian and Georgian churches, Seljuk and Ottoman monuments and all the great buildings of Islamic Turkey. While much of the book focusses on the popular south-western coast, his recommendations and deeply informed accounts extend also far across the vast plains of Anatolia to the East, and all are easily accessible by road.

Russell’s deep understanding of the history and culture of the region and his keen eye for detail make him the most delightfully erudite of travelling companions, while the illustrations admirably complement his elegant descriptions.

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£16.99 / $21.96 / 116.50 TL

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