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Enlightening Europe on Islam and the Ottomans

Mouradgea d’Ohsson and His Masterpiece

Carter Vaughn Findley

Published by Brill

£68.00 / $94.02 / €78.47
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Hardback, 414pp, published March 2019
Book Description

Mouradgea d’Ohsson’s Tableau Général de l’Empire Othoman is the most authoritative, magnificently illustrated work of the Enlightenment on Islam and the Ottomans. A practical reference work for kings and statesmen. The richest collection of visual documentation on the Ottomans in a hundred years with illustrations and deep insights into illustrated book production. Shaped by the author’s personal struggles, this work stands as a monument to intercultural understanding. One of the great taxonomic works of Enlightenment thought, this is a work of advocacy for reform and amity between France, Sweden and the Ottoman Empire.

Carter Vaughn Findley, Ph.D. (Harvard, 1969), Humanities Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University, is the author of Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity: A History (2010), The Turks in World History (2005), and two books on Ottoman administrative reform.

Featured in Cornucopia 62

Behind palace doors

By Philip Mansel


Some people belong to one country. Ignace Mouradgea d’Ohsson belonged to three: the Ottoman Empire, where he was born in 1740; France, where he died in 1807; and Sweden, for which he worked for most of his life. His careers were as varied as his identities. Son of a wealthy Armenian merchant and his French wife (Claire Pagy, of a Levantine family from Smyrna, some of whom still live there), he became a merchant, interpreter, diplomat, writer and political reformer. He was at once Armenian, Catholic (some Armenians acknowledged the authority of the Pope), Ottoman, French and Swedish. From 1763 to 1784 he was dragoman for the Swedish Legation in Istanbul under the brothers Gustaf and Ulric Celsing, who succeeded each other as minister between 1750 and 1780. Their superb collection of Istanbul views by Jan van der Steen was recently sold to a Qatar museum. Sweden and the Ottoman Empire had been allies since the 1650s, as both powers dreaded Russian expansion. Dragomans, like diplomats, were bridges between countries, and Mouradgea helped establish diplomatic relations between Spain and the Ottoman Empire…

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