Kaptan June Makes Waves

By June Haimoff

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‘Witty, eclectic, passionate and erudite...’
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Travels With My Caique

By Rupert Scott

Readers lucky enough to have come across June Haimoff’s earlier books – Kaptan June and the Turtles (1997) and Breakfasts with Kaptan June (2005) – will already be familiar with the author’s pre-war childhood, and with her heroic – and eventually successful – battles against large hotel developments on the Turkish coast near Dalyan in the 1980s and 1990s. Her latest book, Kaptan June Makes Waves, tells us about the years in between, from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Above all, this is the story of her decade as owner of Bouboulina, a 12-metre Greek caique bought in 1970 from four brothers in Thassos, following a marathon negotiation involving a lot of ouzo and cigarettes. She describes Bouboulina unflatteringly as “resembling a pregnant banana”, but she was clearly a lovely boat of the kind we have all dreamed of owning at one time or another. Bouboulina is neither grand nor particularly comfortable, but she sees June safely though terrifying storms in the Taranto Channel and the Saronic Gulf. She is equally at ease in the r