Sadberk Hanım Museum Kütahya Ceramics Collection

Hülya Bilgi and İdil Zambak Vermeersch

Published by The Sadberk Hanım Museum

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Hardback, 488 pages, first published 2018
Book Description

Istanbul’s first mega art book of 2018, this magnificent, copiously illustrated volume explores the Kütahya ceramic collections in the Koç family’s Saberk Hanım Museum.

Kütahya has always be the other half of the Ottoman ceramics story, the wilder, less tamed rival to Iznik. Whereas Iznik died a sudden death in the early 1700s, too expensive, too stiff and unable to compete with Delft, Kütahya continued to flourish through private patronage across the Ottoman religious communities and to make objects that people actually needed.

However, things may not be entirely as they seem. Scholarly essays in the book question how much of the work presumed to be originating in Iznik was actually made by its rival, Kütahya. The focus on the fabulous collection built up by the Koç family since the days of Sevgi Gönül, founder of the Sadberk Hanım Museum, is on 18th- and 19th-century pieces, a world apart in its unbridled love of colour and inventive design.

The book accompanies a superb new exhibition (March 6 – November 25, 2018).

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£80.00 / $111.80 / 457.11 TL

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