The Rose

Flower of Love, Flower of Art, Flower of Eternity

By Gül Irepoğlu
Published by Yapi Kredi

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Out of print – single copy only. Hardback, 375 pages, 2014
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Book Description

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar said of the rose ‘The dream of eternity fitted into a moment’.

This book provides a stroll into both the imaginary and the physical rose garden. Architect and art historian Gül İrepoğlu has taken a fresh look at the rose as depicted in painting, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, cuisine poetry and prose.

Under the pseudonym Muhibbî, Süleyman the Magnificent wrote this couplet:

The rose sits on the emerald throne and becomes a sultan
It gathers all the sweet basil to commence the council

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£35.00 / $46.32 / 253.18 TL

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