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Alexis Gritchenko

The Constantinople Years

September 1, 2020 – November 1, 2020

Meşher, Tomtom Mahallesi, İstiklal Cd. No:211, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Meşher’s winter exhibition, Alexis Gritchenko – The Constantinople Years, has reopened after being closed due to the virus. The cover story in the latest Cornucopia, No 61, It features more than 150 artworks Gritchenko created while visiting Istanbul. It is a stunning tour de force.

Alexis Gritchenko, a Ukrainian painter and art theorist, spent about a year and half in Constantinople in the 1920s. He was active in the art community and is credited with helping to spread Avant-Garde ideas and styles in the local art scene. He is also particularly known for the watercolour paintings he produced while in Constantinople, as he would have known Istanbul, many of which are featured in the exhibition.

Gritchenko is the cover story in the new Cornucopia, No 61, by Thomas Roueché and Rose Shepherd. Roueché’s comment on the show: ‘It brings the historical moment and the character of Gritchenko completely to life. A triumph.’

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