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Panayia Isodion Church

Galatasaray, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Originally built in 1804, this Greek Orthodox church was first just a simple structure with a single nave that was later expanded by Mahmud II. In 1837, the bell tower was added. The current church dates back to 1870.

The north of the bema (raised platform) is dedicated to Panagia Zoodokhos and the south to Panagia Evangelistria. In the small frames on the upper part of the iconostasis are scenes from Jesus’ life. On the lower part are depictions of Panagia Eiosdoion, the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus, Jesus and Ioannes Prodromos. In the medallions on the wooden ambo, Jesus and the four writers of the Gospels are depicted. The narthex is embellished with Christ Pantokrator and the arch with the Apostles’ portraits.

The photographer A. Cemal Ekin exhibits his photographs of the beautiful icons in this church on this blog.

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