Hersekzade Ahmed Pasa

An Ottoman Statesman’s Career & Pious Endowments

By Heath W Lowry
Published by Bahçeşehir University Press

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Paperback, 113 pages, first published 2011
Book Description

Among the numerous lacunae which face the students of Ottoman history, none is more frustrating than the absence of reliable biographies for tens of thousands of officials who served the polity during its six hundred year history. The present study is an attempt to address the gap at the micro level by examining the life and career of one of the most interesting late 15th and early 16th century Ottoman statesman, an individual who began life as Prince Stjepan Vukci-Kosaca of Herzegovina and ended his career as the five-time Ottoman Grand Vezir Hersekzade Ahmed Paşa.

This the fourth book in the Bahçeşehir Occasional Papers in History series.

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£18.00 / $21.88 / 122.14 TL

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