In the Footsteps of Evliya Çelebi

The Seyahatname as Guidebook

By Heath W Lowry
Published by Bahçeşehir University Press

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Hardback, 92 pages, published 2012
Book Description

Since 2005, Heath Lowry has traveled extensively in northern Greece. The present study is the outcome of those visits. Wherever he has gone, he has been accompanied by Evliya Çelebi and his Seyehatname. As a result of those travels, he has published several books and numerous articles, all of which reflects the debt he owes the 17th century traveler. The present study is intended as his homage to Evliya Çelebi and to the rapidly disappearing Ottoman legacy in northern Greece.

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£25.00 / $31.31 / 179.00 TL

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