The Selçuk Sultan Cami’i in Serez (Serres) & its Place in Early Ottoman Architecture

By Heath W Lowry
Published by Bahçeşehir University Press

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Paperback, 94 pages, first published 2013
Book Description

The best preserved mosque in the Western Macedonian town of Serres is the recently restored sanctuary known locally as the Zincirli Cami’i, the ‘fettered’ or ‘chained’ mosque. The name Zincirli Cami’i does not appear in any known own Ottoman document and therefore we do not know its builder or its actual name. In this book, Heath Lowry argues that the Zincirli Cami’i must be what was known in Ottoman sources as the Selçuk Sultan Cami’i and uncovers its fascinating history.

This is the sixth book in the Bahçeşehir Occasional Papers in History series.

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£15.00 / $18.61 / 106.30 TL

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