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15th ICOC – Istanbul

June 6, 2024 – January 9, 2024

A CALL FOR PAPERS The International Conference on Oriental Carpets Academic Committee invites proposals for papers to be delivered at the 15th International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC-XV) in Istanbul in June 2024 in collaboration with the Istanbul Carpet Exporters’ Association. The deadline for proposals, which must be submitted in English, is February 15. Presentations are limited to a maximum of 20 to be delivered in a unique plenary session during two days. The theme of ICOC–15th is “Oriental Carpet Studies 2024: The Past and Future of Carpet Weaving and Collecting”, with the focus on two main areas: “Historical Carpets and Textiles” and “Contemporary Art, Design and New Production”.

ll traditional fields of carpet studies will be considered, including the discussion of carpet groups or single examples of early and later nomad, village and workshop pile carpets and flat-weaves gathered by geo-graphical origin (North Africa, Anatolia, Central Asia, Persia, Caucasus, India, Tibet and the Far East, etc.). Applicants are also invited to submit papers on structure and technique, carpet designs and their origin, relationship between textiles and carpets, dating, documentary evidence, scientific tests, conservation and restoration, fakes and copies, collections and collectors, trends of carpet production and design.

Watch this space for more news about the event.

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