Issue 37, 2007

A Riot of Textiles

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Fabulous fabrics in Istanbul. Ottoman Edirne: a beautiful backwater. The Mongol hoard: the first lords of the steppes and all their finery. Lesley Blanch’s life on the wilder shores; The beauty of the Bolkars; Patricia Daunt motors eastwards. Plus: the secret of slow-cooked stews


  • Edirne: The Forgotten City

    Once the Jewel in the Ottoman crown, Edirne is now a somnolent backwater on the Turkish borders of Greece and Bulgaria. Caroline and Andrew Finkel catch glimpses of its glorious past.

  • Hot Pots

    The Turkish yahni has evolved little since the days of Genghis Khan. Since Ottoman times it has been the same rich, satisfying dish. It fed the Janissaries, it fed the poor, it nourished students and it sustained sultans.
    More cookery features

  • Silks for the Sultans

    Imperial kaftans were presented in kaleidoscopic patchworks of silk that were works of art in their own right

  • Lesley Blanch: My Life on the Wilder Shores

    She has long lived in France, but Turkey has inspired ‘pangs of longing’ since her first visit in 1946. The celebrated author of The Wilder Shores of Love and The Sabres of Paradise, talks to Philip Mansel about a life of adventure and the landscape of the heart

  • The Glories of Genghis

    The exhibition at the Sabancı Museum is not only about Genghis Khan and his heirs. It starts several centuries BC with beautiful pieces created by the peoples of the Steppes that tell us about the animals on which they depended in daily life and the mythical creatutes that saw them through to the afterlife.

Inside the issue

Art & Architecture

  1. The Great Textile Takeover
    Istanbul puts on a splendid display as the carpet-baggers come to town
    [extract available online]
  2. Edirne: The Forgotten City
    Caroline and Andrew Finkel rediscover imperial Edirne
    [extract available online]
  3. The Glories of Genghis
    The lords of the Steppes and all their finery, by Michael Franses
    [extract available online]

People & Places

  1. My Life on the Wilder Shores
    Philip Mansel talks to the celebrated author Lesley Blanch
    [extract available online]
  2. Nomad's Land
    A short walk with the Yürüks, Dux Schneider on the beauty of the Bolkars in the Seventies
    [extract available online]


  1. Venice and the East
    The Chora revisited, Turkey goes to Seoul. Plus saleroom booty

Book Reviews

  1. Shadow of the Silk Road: By Colin Thubron, reviewed by Christian Tyler
  2. The Armenian Rebellion at Van: By Justin McCarthy, Esat Arslan, Cemalettin Taşkıran and Ömer Turan, The Great Game of Genocide: By Donald Bloxham, The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: By Guenter Lewy, Reviewed by Norman Stone
  3. The Proceedings of the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies: By Elizabeth Jeffreys and others, reviewed by Anthony Bryer


  1. Hot Pots
    The secret of succulent, slow-cooked yahni, by Berrin Torolsan
  2. Off the Eaten Track
    Charles Perry finds the Southeast in Istanbul


  1. Past & Pleasant
    The joys of old-fashioned touring. Patricia Daunt motors from Antakya to Diyarbakır


  1. Private View
    Andrew Finkel's Turkish newsround
  2. Postscript The Ancient and Modern Prize [extract available online]
  3. Village Voices
    Azize Ethem's Iznik diary
  4. Restaurants
    Dining in all the best places
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Issue 37, 2007
£350.00 / $441.14 / 2,370.82 TL
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