Issue 24, 2001

The Wild East

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Euphoria on the Euphrates: we head off on a journey to Anatolia’s Arabian frontier. Great escapes: we investigate the untold story of Pope John XXIII’s wartime work in Turkey. A madder quest – one man’s passion for Turkey red; the gallant Fred Burnaby, Gallipoli’s wines and surefire soups


  • The Wild East

    Home to the world’s oldest settlements, land of biblical prophets – the Tigris and Euphrates basin is a fabled but forgotten frontier. In a 30-page celebration, Manuel Çitac captures its splendour in photographs, while Min Hogg keeps a wry diary on her sortie to this hard-baked corner of Anatolia

  • Raise a Glass to Gallipoli

    In the first of a series on the great wines of Turkey and its ancient dominions, Kevin Gould visits Gallipoli. A land of heroes from Homeric times to the First World War, the peninsula has also for 3,000 years prided itself on its wines.

  • The Monsignor and the Minister

    Osman Streater recounts a remarkable piece of unrecorded history: the wartime friendship between the future Pope John XXIII and his great-uncle Numan Menemencioğlu, Turkey’s Foreign Minister from 1942 to 1944. The most important area of their joint work is one that is not mentioned in histories official or unofficial: they saved about 100,000 Jews from the Nazis

  • Connoisseur 24

    London’s Islamic Sales Week, Washington’s textile exhibitions, New York’s Mughal jewellery, Ara Güler’s Turkey in black and white and the Biennial in Istanbul

  • Light Years from New York

    American-born Carla Grissmann wrote Dinner of Herbs, her portrait of an isolated hamlet in central Anatolia, to assuage her loss when she was forced to leave at a few days’ notice. She talks to Maureen Freely of her love of remote places and people.

  • Soups for Cool Cooks

    Soup, the most elementary form of cooking, was perhaps the starting point for man’s culinary adventure. Refined over time, evolving into consommés, veloutés and bisques, it has entered the rarified realms of haute cuisine.
    More cookery features

Inside the issue


  1. İpek: The Crescent and the Rose, Imperial Ottoman Silks and Velvets, by Nurhan Atasoy, Walter B Denny, Louise W Mackie and Hülya Tezcan.
    Reviewed by Alistair McAlpine.
  2. Turkish Letters, by Ogier de Busbecq. Reviewed by Jason Goodwin. [available online]
  3. Domenico's Istanbul, reviewed by Jason Goodwin [available online]
  4. Ottoman Impressions: The Lost Messiah, by Jason Goodwin. [available online]
  5. Black Sea, by Neal Ascherson. Reviewed by David Barchard. [available online]
  6. Turkish Region: State, Market and Social Identity on the Eastern Black Sea Coast, by Ildiko Beller-Hann and Chriss Hann.
    Reviewed by David Barchard.


  1. Raise a Glass to Gallipoli
    In a new series, Kevin Gould heads for the Hellespont.
    [available online]


  1. Soups for Cool Cooks by Berrin Torolsan. [available online]


  1. Trade Secrets
    The art of 'tel kakma', by Roger Williams.
  2. Village Voices, by Azize Ethem.
  3. Food for Thought
    Kemal Derviş plus more Istanbul restaurant reviews, by Andrew Finkel.
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Issue 24, 2001
£8.00 / $10.27 / 54.78 TL
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