Issue 39, 2008

Diplomatic Secrets

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Ankara’s palaces of diplomacy. The wierdly wonderful art of Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu. George Maw, crocus collector. The wild Phrygian Highlands. Anatolian nomads; Colossal carpets; Istanbul’s blue and white porcelain in Sweden; Byzantine Thrace. Plus: the fragrant melon


Inside the issue

Cover Story

  1. It's a Wonderfully Weird World
    Andrew Finkel meets the Turkish artist
    Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu

Palaces of Diplomacy: A 50-page guide to the embassies of Ankara

  1. Patricia Daunt on how the diplomatic world upped sticks for the new capital
  2. The Inside Story
    The finest embassies and how they came to be built, by Patricia Daunt
  3. Birth of a Nation
    How the Republic put Ankara on the map,
    by Norman Stone

Crockery and Crocuses

  1. Martyn and Alison Rix on George Maw,
    a Victorian enthusiast
    [extract available online]

The Land that Midas Touched

  1. A walk on the wild side in the Phrygian Highlands, by David Barchard

Book Reviews

  1. Nomads in Anatolia, by Harald Böhmer. Reviewed by Robert Chenciner. [available online]
  2. Gerald Fitzmaurice (1865-1939), by G R Berridge. Reviewed by David Barchard. [available online]
  3. The Byzantine Monuments of the Evros/Meriç River Valley [available online]


  1. Exhibitions and salerooms in London, Berlin and Istanbul
  2. Colossal carpets
    Daniel Shaffer on Istanbul's Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
  3. John Carswell on Stockholm's splendid showing of blue and white porcelain


  1. The Sweet Taste of Summer
    Melons, by Berrin Torolsan
    [extract available online]


  1. Village Voices Azize Ethem's Iznik diary
  2. Restaurants Andrew Finkel eats out in Alanya and Istanbul
  3. Too Good to be Missed David Elliot's Turkish arts round-up
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Issue 39, 2008
£8.00 / $10.24 / 36.66 TL
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