Issue 5, 1993/94

Palaces of Diplomacy I

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Cornucopia lifts the lid on the story of the spectacular winter embassies of Ottoman Istanbul, investigates Thomas Hope and the rediscovered drawings of this Regency dandy, journey to the Abkhazian homelands; hunt for Ottoman silks; and spot birds of the Sultan marshes. Finally feasting on pomegranates, the jewels of winter


  • Soul Fruit

    The Romans consumed pomegranates in great quantities, made wine from the fermented juice and preserved the fruit, dipped in seawater and dried in the sun, for winter.
    More cookery features

  • Art from a Distance

    Vanmour and the Guardis, by Jean Michel Casa. An exhibition at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, on Jean-Baptiste Vanmour perhaps the earliest Orientalist painter.

  • A Case of Regency Exoticism

    In 1983 Fani-Maria Tsigakou of the Benaki Museum in Athens found five volumes of late 18th-century drawings of Ottoman Empire subjects by Thomas Hope. David Watkin assesses Hope’s orientalism and its place in the development of Regency style.

Inside the issue

Special Feature

  1. Palaces of Diplomacy, Part 1
    The Pera Embassies, by Patricia Daunt


  1. Trail of Silk, by Tim Stanley
  2. A Case of Regency Exoticism
    Thomas Hope and the Benaki Drawings
    [extract available online]
  3. By Halı Writ
    Madeleine Marsh on the rug enthusiast's bible
    [extract available online]


  1. Istanbul Design Directory
    Amicia de Moubrey hunts down the treasure troves of Maçka
  2. The Fourth Estate
    Istanbul's stylish Press HQs, by Andrew Finkel
  3. Bars and Stripes
    Café society by Nicholas Haslam

Commercial Affairs

  1. Waterway Madness
    Shipping on the Bosphorus, by John Murray Brown

Country Life

  1. A Tale of Two Homelands
    The Abkhazians in Turkey
  2. Life on the Sultan Marshes
    Winged visitors to the southwestern wetlands
    [extract available online]


  1. Soul Fruit
    The Pomegranate, by Berrin Torolsan

Regular Features


  1. Ancestors of the Iron Lady
    Nine thousand years of the Anatolian Woman
  2. Art from a Distance
    Van Mour and the Guardis
    [extract available online]
  3. Autumn Windfalls
    The London Sales


  1. Sublime to the Meticulous
    Sinan: Ottoman Architecture and its Values Today, by Godfrey Goodwin.
    A Late 19th Century Tailor’s Order Book, by Hülya Tezcan
    Reviewed by John Carswell
  2. Books from Hamburg
    Orient Stars A Carpet Collection by E. Heinrich Kirchheim.
    Yayla, Form und Farbe in Türkischer Textilkunst, by Werner Brüggemann.
    A Wealth of Silk and Velvet , Ottoman Fabrics and Embroideries ed. by Christian Erber
    Floral Messages: From Ottoman Court Embroideries to Anatolian Trousseau Chests by Ulla Ther. Reviewed by Penny Oakley


  1. Making Airwaves
    Turkish television, by David Barchard


  1. Hidden Treasures of the Seraglio
    Dyala Salam's London shop, by Patricia Jellicoe
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Issue 5, 1993/94
£15.00 / $21.91 / 64.82 TL
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