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Maureen Freely

Maureen Freely is a journalist, novelist, translator and professor. She is perhaps best known for her translations of the work of Orhan Pamuk.


  • Don McCullin’s Wars and Peace

    From Issue 66

    The great photojournalist Don McCullin talks to Maureen Freely of the darkness and light that have marked his life and his searingly truthful work

  • Sowing the seeds

    From Issue 63
  • Silent Witness

    The photographs of Metehan Özcan

    From Issue 44

    These empty homes on Istanbul’s Asian shore were once full of life, hopes and dreams. Maureen Freely studies the haunting photographs of Metehan Özcan

  • Memories light the corners of my mind

    From Issue 52

    Maureen Freely goes ‘Bosphorising’ with her father, John Freely, in search of her treasured childhood in Istanbul. Could it be that it was all so simple then?

  • Setting the Scene: Spirits of Beyoğlu

    The European City

    From Issue 51

    Maureen Freely recalls the artists and writers who enlivened her childhood with their flamboyant bravado and unspoken sadness

  • A Brave New World

    Maureen Freely on the Village Institutes that shaped a generation

    From Issue 48

    They were stigmatised and despised, and eventually they were closed down. But what would Turkey be today without the Village Institutes, its bravest educational revolution, and the young people they empowered? Maureen Freely tells the moving story of the institutes, the subject of a new book and exhibition

  • A Passion for Politics

    Nâzım Hikmet

    From Issue 28

    Selected poems translated by Ruth Christie, Richard McKane and Talât Sait Halman

  • Surprising Freedom

    From Issue 46
  • Portrait of the Artists

    Feyhaman and Güzin Duran: A beautiful bequest

    From Issue 42

    Time stands still in the central-Istanbul house where Feyhaman and Güzin Duran, Turkey’s first recognised portrait painter and his artist wife, lived and worked for 40 years. Maureen Freely celebrates their partnership.

  • Snow Business

    From Issue 26
  • Moving Freely

    From Issue 25

    In 1960 Maureen Freely’s family packed up all they possessed, waved goodbye to Princeton, New Jersey, and stepped out into the unknown. She had no idea why. Their destination was to her merely a name on a map: Istanbul. It was to become the place she still thinks of as home. Her father, John Freely, would write the classic guidebook ‘Strolling Through Istanbul’. More than forty years later, Maureen looks back on a golden childhood of parties, laughter and, above all, adventure

  • Taking to Turkey

    From Issue 35
  • Light Years from New York

    From Issue 24

    American-born Carla Grissmann wrote ‘Dinner of Herbs’, her portrait of an isolated hamlet in central Anatolia, to assuage her loss when she was forced to leave at a few days’ notice. Thirty years later, she was persuaded to publish it at the moment her second adopted home, Afghanistan, was taken from her. She talks to Maureen Freely of her love of remote places and people.

  • Brave New Poetry

    From Issue 36
  • A Dual Intelligence

    From Issue 30
  • And Where Shall We Begin?

    An appreciation of the architectural historian Godfrey Goodwin (1921–2005), by Maureen Freely

    From Issue 34

    And where shall we begin, he would ask, when he’d tired of the adults and defected to the children’s table. Then for the next few hours we would watch him drawing hob goblins in vast tableaux of tilting buildings, crashing planes, wobbling space-ships and ocean lines battling the waves.

  • Frozen Moments

    From Issue 43

    Famous for his atmospheric films set in stark landscapes, Nuri Bilge Ceylan is now attracting attention with his photography. Maureen Freely leafs through the pages of a fine limited-edition album of his enigmatic, painterly scenes

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