Cornucopia’s travel guide

The Bosphorus

The strait that links the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara is the reason for Istanbul’s pre-eminence and offers days of leisurely exploration: classic shore walks, Baroque palaces, yalıs (waterside mansions) and excellent museums. Boating on the Bosphorus was described in Cornucopia 1, now a rare collector's item, while today's delights are explored in 224 pages of Cornucopia 52, Bosphorus Requiem, part 3 of our 'Istanbul Unwrapped' series. Cornucopia 57 devotes fourteen pages to the magnificent 19th-century panormas of the Bosphorus  painted by Joseph Schrantz, and includes fold-out pages of his 241cm-wide view from Kandilli. 

1 Downtown Istanbul (the European side)

Here the Bosphorus is Istanbul: we explore the area between the Galata Bridge and the First Bosphorus Bridge: arty Karaköy, dazzling Dolmabahçe Palace, busy Beşiktas, leafy Yıldız and Ortaköy.

2 The European Shore of the Bosphorus

In high summer Istanbul's riviera is Cannes without the crowds. July’s turquoise blue turns bottle-green after the snow.  We head upstream to discover Istanbul's most sought-after urban villages.