Cornucopia’s travel guide


Anatolian, Byzantine and Turkic cultures have left their marks across the world beyond the bounds of the vast former Ottoman empire. Glimpses of the past and links to the present extend from Canada to Japan. Here are the mighty mosques in Samarkand, the museums, galleries and shops of the USA, and a shared bond in Australia. Scattered abroad are relics of antiquity, mosaics and icons, exquisitely woven carpets and bulbs of the brilliant Turkish tulip. 

1 Central Asia

The Turkic tribes spread west from China and traders travelled the Silk Road, giving an exotic flavour to the names of places such as Samarkand. Cornucopia sets out across the wide spaces of Central Asia from the Black Sea to the frozen wastes of Yakut and welcomes contributions from readers:

2 China

Chinese economic links with Turkey date back to the days of the Silk Road and beyond, and its many ethnic groups include the Turkic Uighurs of Xianging.

5 North America

From the Islamic treasures of the New York Met to the glorious kilims of San Francisco, a survey of the best Turkish art in the USA and Canada.