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A small village between Baltalimanı and Emirgan on the European shore of the Bosphorus. No yalıs have survived but a cluster of pretty wooden houses and a rather Italianate terraced garden faces the coast road. The village was created in 1806–07 for the Kafrariyofi, a clan of dyers from Kırklareli, settled in Istanbul by Selim III to dye  serge twill and fezes for his new army, barracked in Levent. In 1857 the upper streets became one of Istanbul's pioneering grid plan towns, designed by the Corfu-born Italian engineer Luigi Storari for the grand vizier Mustafa Reşid Pasha, who had been greatly influenced street planning in Georgian London by his time as ambassador in London in 1836. Storari's work is described in Tan Kamil Gürer and Pınar Gözek's paper on Storari grid layouts.

Getting there

By boat to Emirgan, or Bosphorus buslines.

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